Modelling working memory precision in R

Functions for modelling continuous response working memory tasks

Update: I’ve since wrapped this code up in a R package. I have translated Paul Bays’ Matlab functions for modeling continuous response data into R . Bays’ guide to the Matlab functions and their usage can be found here. I have a detailed guide to the R functions and their usage over on Github. A typical precision task has participants recall a feature of stimulus on a continuous scale rather than using classic correct/incorrect scoring. [Read More]

Priors as beliefs: a wrong turning?

“Language sets everyone the same traps; it is an immense network of easily accessible wrong turnings.” - Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture & Value (1980) It is often said that priors in Bayesian statistics are ‘beliefs’. I maintain this analogy is misguided and unhelpful. The nature of ‘belief’ remains controversial but can be said “to refer to the attitude we have, roughly, whenever we take something to be the case or regard it as true. [Read More]